Chapter 13: Dopamine Games – What Problems? What Disease? What Pandemic?

by Charles Lyell on November 1, 2017

“Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true.”
– Demosthenes

B.F. Skinner, Dopamine, Superstition, and the Addictive Power of “Maybe”

by Charles Lyell on July 23, 2013

“The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.” – B. F. Skinner

The Pope vs. the Friar: Dopamine Addiction in the Italian Renaissance

by Gary Strang on July 3, 2013

“The healthy man does not torture others – generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers.”
– Carl Jung

Charles Lyell Interviews H.L. Mencken: Religion, Evolution, and Dopamine Addiction

August 2, 2011

“Every step in human progress, from the first feeble stirrings in the abyss of time, has been opposed by the great majority of men… They have fought every new truth ever heard of, and they have killed every truth-seeker who got into their hands.”
– H.L. Mencken

Why the Least Evolved Reject Evolution

by Charles Lyell on July 10, 2011

“Monkeys are superior to men in this: When a monkey looks into a mirror, he sees a monkey.”
– Malcolm de Chazal

Same Neurochemistry, One Difference: Dr. Robert Sapolsky on Dopamine

July 4, 2011

If you have five minutes, Dr. Robert Sapolsky, professor of biology and neurology at Stanford University, delivers a brilliant crash course on how dopamine manipulates behavior. As Dr. Sapolsky explains, dopamine levels increase as soon […]

Galileo versus 16th Century Dopamine Addicts

by Charles Lyell and Leif Sanning on July 3, 2011

“The Lord set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved.”
– Psalm 104:5

Religion and Dopamine Addiction: The Triple Whammy

by Charles Lyell and Leif Sanning on July 3, 2011

“The truths of religion are never so well understood as by those who have lost the power of reason.”
– Voltaire

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