Chimpanzees and Today’s GOP: The Power of Rank Inferiority

by Charles Lyell on June 3, 2012

     “Rancor is an outpouring of a feeling of inferiority.” – Jose Ortega y Gasset

The current crop of congressional Republicans demonstrate how our ancestors used a chimpanzee trait to derail human evolution. Primatologists describe chimpanzees as clever political animals who spend their days colluding, scheming, making and breaking alliances, and obsessing over power, approval, and status.  In their quest for power, less fit chimpanzee males rely on collusion and cheating to defeat smarter, stronger, alpha males. Alpha males are vulnerable to gang attacks because the fittest males are less inclined to collude, possibly because there are few alpha males to collude with. The shortage of fitter males and the surplus of less-fit colluders, cheaters, and killers stacks the deck in favor of the inferior chimpanzees.

The inferior primates don’t understand that they’re subverting natural selection. They aren’t hampered by moral qualms about their dishonesty. And they aren’t capable of understanding their need to collude and cheat is an indication of inferiority. The chimps are simply following dopamine-induced sex drives and collusion is the only way for inferiors to defeat the fitter opponents keeping them from mating with the fittest females. One more genetic outcome beyond the colluding chimps’ comprehension is how the booby prize for short-circuiting natural selection results in their passing inferior DNA.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a catchphrase that encapsulates this evolutionary glitch afflicting certain members of our species and chimpanzees. Like chimpanzees, today’s congressional Republicans instinctively unite in order to defeat fitter rivals, are unburdened by moral qualms, and do not care if their need to collude and cheat is an indication of inferiority.

There is one notable distinction between congressional Republicans and chimpanzees. The chimpanzees’ colluding and cheating makes sense, whereas the Republicans’ colluding and cheating is illogical, irrational, immoral, and a sign of addiction. The primates collude and cheat as a means to an end — they do what they do to gain the power and status that help them get laid. Sex is the ultimate inducement because sex provides the ultimate dopamine payoffs. Politicians who collude and cheat are stuck in a primitive means that our ancestors perverted into a dead end unto itself — they are addicted to the dopamine triggered by expectations of power and status. This addiction to primitive needs keeps politicians beholden to equally corrupt backers who keep the dopamine flowing by financing election campaigns.

It’s interesting to note that while the primates’ deplorable but logical behavior results in a few chimpanzee females getting screwed by inferior males, the Republican’s reprehensible and illogical behavior results in hundreds of millions of men, women, and children getting screwed by inferior politicians.

Democrat lawmakers are not necessarily wiser, fitter, smarter, superior, or more ethical than Republicans. The key difference between the two parties is that Democrats don’t repulse, repel, discourage, exclude, ban, or purge more independent, moral, or ethical members. As a result, there are a few congressional Democrats capable of questioning, reasoning, thinking for themselves, and who adamantly refuse to  follow orders, fall in line, violate their moral code, do what they know is wrong, or behave like chimpanzees. This significant shortcoming explains why the Democrats are no match for lying, cheating, venal, united Republicans.

In other words, one reason the Democrats consistently lose to their political opponents is because the Democrats lack the all-inclusive, mindless, amoral, robotic, insatiable, unassailable power of rank inferiority that the Republicans instinctively milk for all its worth.


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