The Time Has Come to End the Hypocrites’ Insane Drug Wars

by Charles Lyell on May 22, 2012

“If one looks with a cold eye at the mess man has made of history, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that he has been afflicted by some built-in mental disorder which drives him towards self-destruction.”      – Arthur Koestler

A common and disastrous misconception is that the drug wars are being waged by misguided non-addicts against, what the hypocrites label, dangerous drug addicts. In fact, the hypocrites responsible for the drug wars are self-deceptive frauds who don’t know, or want to know, that they are the most dangerous addicts on the planet.

Using fMRIs and PET technology, researchers have discovered that addictions to drugs, sex, gambling, foods, and video games are all addictions to the neurotransmitter dopamine. Drugs, sex, gambling, foods, and video games are different ways different people, with different psychological needs, trigger the same dopamine in their brains.

By the end of this decade the list of addictions will include all of the dopamine-induced survival needs Homo sapiens share with chimpanzees. The chimpanzee’s survival needs correlate with the deficiency needs identified by Abraham Maslow for safety/power, approval/attention, and esteem/status. When researchers get around to it, they will find that the brain scans of money and religion addicts, who use wealth or dogma to trigger dopamine, mirror the brain scans of junkies who use heroin to trigger the same chemical.

In other words, scientists already have the equipment to establish that the most delusional, destructive, and hypocritical addicts use money, power, approval, attention, status, religion, and/or hard drugs to score their dopamine. PET and fMRI scans will, one day, prove that it’s always the worst hypocritical addicts waging wars against recreational drugs users.

None of this is meant to imply that all hypocrites are dangerous or destructive addicts. Most are very nice addicts (as long as you don’t threaten their dopamine flow). A common trait among addicts is that they don’t know, or want to know, that they’re addicts. Hypocrite addicts crave dopamine. They don’t care if it’s a gratuitous hit triggered by deceptions that boost their esteem, such as pretending they have a right to look down on “lowly” addicts. Hypocrites hate dopamine disruption, so it’s illogical to expect them to risk the dopamine deprivation associated with admitting that they’re no better, and in many ways worse, than the addicts they contemn.

For hypocrite addicts, maintaining convenient delusions is a cakewalk because the symptoms of all addictions include hypocrisy, self-deception, and an infinite capacity for denial. Unfortunately, the benign hypocrites’ ability to easily deny that they’re addicts helps their malignant counterparts get away with murder and mayhem. This is especially true when it comes to the destructive addicts’ absurd wars against innocent people who are simply trying to score the same dopamine fueling the hypocrites’ insane behavior.

Every man-made problem can be traced to hypocrites who get away with pretending their addictions are normal, healthy, and even admirable. Unlike junkies, who have to hide their needles, the hypocrites get to flaunt their money, power, titles, and silly status symbols, and/or shout hallelujahs in legal drug dens (aka houses of worship). And unlike cannabis users, who often end up in jail, money addicts often end up running the private jails that earn huge profits for confining cannabis users.

The hypocrites get away with being the most destructive addicts because the power addicts control the institutions that control the definition of addictions (as well as the media and the politicians). When the hypocrites are exposed for what they really are, everything will change.

In upcoming posts I’ll be writing about the differences between hypocritical recreational, political, and professional addicts. I’ll also be delving into the distinctions between cannabis users, who are not known for harming others, and the most destructive addicts orchestrating the drug wars, who have earned a reputation for mindlessly destroying the lives of millions.


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