Dopamine: The “Learning Drug” That Makes Politicians Stupid

by Charles Lyell on February 29, 2012

“Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”  – Mark Twain

Nowhere is dopamine-induced stupidity more evident than in politics. That’s why Washington, D.C. is dominated by money, power, attention, esteem, and religion addicts suffering from a debilitating madness exhibited by heroin addicts.

My apologies to heroin addicts for comparing them to politicians. It’s just that the same insatiable dopamine cravings that turn junkies into self-deceptive liars, thieves, and criminals turn members of Congress into self-deceptive liars, thieves, and miscreants who get away with legalizing their criminal acts.

Dopamine is the reason most members of Congress are incapable of understanding:

  • Dopamine is doing all their thinking for them.
  • Bribes are illegal payoffs that scoundrels pretend are legal contributions.
  • Instead of being rewarded, crooks who accept bribes, while voting on legislation that benefits their benefactors, belong in treatment centers or jail.
  • Congress has turned into a criminal enterprise where colluding addicts spend their days pimping themselves out to bigger money addicts (i.e. other politicians, lobbyists, banksters, Wall Street fat cats, CEOs, etc.) who also belong in treatment centers or prison.
  • More than any group, Congress is responsible for destroying the environment, innocent lives, their country’s reputation, and the democratic process for the same reason junkies shoot up heroin = to trigger dopamine squirts in their brains.


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