Rush Limbaugh & Glenn Beck: Addicts of a Feather

by Charles Lyell on July 10, 2011

“When a person cannot deceive himself the chances are against his being able to deceive other people.”   – Mark Twain

It’s no coincidence that two of the highest paid media personalities are mistakenly referred to as “recovering drug addicts.” In fact, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck aren’t recovering at all. Instead, they’re hopeless drug addicts, suffering from late stage dopamine addiction, who supply their massive dopamine needs through a self-medicating method called mentalbation.

Limbaugh and Beck aren’t media stars in spite of their highly addictive personalities — they’re media stars because of their highly addictive personalities. Their popularity is explained by studies that focus on the approximately one third of students who fall into a low-status group comprised of adolescents who spend their formative years feeling like “losers,” “rejects,” “misfits,” and “outcasts.”

One third of the current 308,746,000 American residents equates to over 100 million potentially damaged individuals. These unfortunate children deal with the severe dopamine deprivation, resulting from low self-esteem, in different ways. The studies show that significant numbers of self-described outcasts relegated to the unpopular club compensate by retreating into delusional non-realities.

Beck and Limbaugh are two damaged males who spent their most sensitive years plagued by massive dopamine withdrawal. To deal with the crippling pain they created delusions within delusions, where they learned how to mask a crushing sense of inferiority with the deception that they were “winners.” But maintaining their dream world required a lot of posturing, bravado, machismo, and drugs. Their self-deceptions, denials, and pretensions don’t fool non-addicts, but they fool Rush and Glen and tens of millions of other desperate dopamine addicts grappling with the burden of feeling like losers since childhood.

The two media stars owe their success to a lethal combination of dysfunctional families, flawed intelligence, and goofy faces: faces the pretty girls would sooner make fun of than kiss; faces the cool kids didn’t want to be seen with; faces that kept jocks picking on them instead of picking them for any teams.

Their rage against the tormentors who bullied, mocked, and ignored them turned two resentful little boys into super-addicts who dealt with their excruciating pain by scoring as much dopamine as possible, any way they could — until their mutual affliction helped them both become millionaire drug dealers. The drug they distribute is dopamine. Their customers come from the same segment of the population still suffering from severe dopamine deprivation stemming from painful childhoods.

By constantly venting their anger, hatred, resentment, and hostility, Beck and Limbaugh have discovered an effective way to feed their massive addiction to dopamine through delusional mentalbation. The two mentalbators are so proficient at deluding themselves they’re able to help supply followers who share their heroes’ anger, resentments, and deep-rooted inferiority complexes.


Note to Rush and Glenn: Are either of you gentlemen aware enough to understand that this is your chance to change history? If one of you managed to find the courage to admit that you are a dopamine addict you would help millions of your fans get off the fear treadmill. If you both admitted to your shared dopamine addiction it would let tens of millions of dopamine addicts know that it’s time to wake up and smell the dopamine.


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