10 Absurdities That Dopamine Addicts Swallow and One Undigestible Fact

by Charles Lyell on July 5, 2011

“All lies in jest, still, a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”  – Paul Simon

Dopamine addiction has turned the planet into an insane asylum where deranged behaviors make total sense and questioning insane behavior is considered suspect and illogical. To make our case we’ve compiled a short list of everyday absurdities that dopamine addicts find easy to accept, and one of the few things that strikes most dopamine addicts as being nonsensical, ridiculous, absurd, and unworthy of consideration.

10 Absurdities That Make Total Sense to Dopamine Addicts:

– Billionaires who have more money than they can ever spend should be free to corrupt the political process so they can make billions more, even if it means destroying environments, lives, the democratic process, and trampling the freedom of millions of people.

– There’s nothing hypocritical about hateful, judgmental, unforgiving political, corporate, and religious leaders who claim that they believe in a God who preaches love, forgiveness, turning the other cheek, and judging not, lest they be judged.

– “Human nature” is a logical, all-encompassing catchphrase that explains a long list of irrational, illogical, INHUMANE behaviors exhibited by primates, including an obsession with status, tribalism, territoriality, misogyny, hatred, deception, greed, aggression, collusion, war, and killing.

– It’s impossible to put an end to child pornography or the abduction, trafficking, and exploitation of human sex slaves.

– Healthy individuals can be rabid bigots, racists, misogynists, or xenophobes.

– Devastating oil spills, blighted beaches, poisoned drinking water, polluted air, and nuclear ruination add up to a small price to pay for cheap energy.

– Favoring regulations that prevent economic exploitation, corruption, financial meltdowns, and environmental destruction is synonymous with being anti-capitalism and anti-business.

– Maximizing profits and protecting stockholders’ interests are noble causes that are much more important than protecting workers, consumers, or environments.

– Politicians and lobbyists should be permitted to continue selling out to the highest bidders and pretending that the bribes they extract for their malfeasance are legitimate political contributions.

– The “free market” exists, where ethics, morality, honesty, competition, supply, and demand determine product selection, prices, and who wins or loses.

– People who have to lie, cheat, collude, and connive to come out on top are entitled to call themselves “winners.”

– The rationalization, “Everyone does it!” is sufficient justification for any despicable, deceitful, and/or heinous act.

– Insecure safety addicts who hide behind bravado, swagger, guns, and other insecure safety addicts are tough guys.

– Terrified peer-approval addicts who flock to religions are religious.

– Mindless esteem addicts who spend their lives earning advanced degrees, striving for titles, chasing empty pursuits, and flaunting status symbols should be respected, envied, and emulated.

– “Intelligent design” is an intellectually stimulating and logical theory.

– The most important reason to spend years studying, cheating, and going into debt to earn college degrees is to qualify for high-paying corporate jobs.

– High-ranking politicians should be permitted to get away with falsifying evidence to justify illegal invasions of sovereign nations that result in the killing and maiming of untold innocents and military personnel.

– “Supporting our troops” is as easy as pasting a bumper sticker on a car and attacking “traitors” who want to keep the troops from getting killed and maimed in bogus conflicts.

– Using cartoons to market unhealthy junk foods to children is smart business.

– Executives who get caught selling toxic baby foods, products, and toys that seriously harm infants shouldn’t be held accountable for making “honest mistakes.”

– Intelligent, reasonable, rational human beings regularly pollute, destroy environments, lie, cheat, steal, and kill.

– Males earned the right to be in charge of the institutions destroying the planet.

– There’s not enough evidence to prove that global warming exists or that our species is flirting with self-annihilation.

– It simply isn’t possible to come up with a straightforward, easy to understand, rational, logical explanation for all the illogical, irrational, mindless, foolish, insane behavior currently threatening our specie’s viability.

– All it takes to dismiss a threatening blog post that claims to offer 10 examples of absurd behavior is to notice that the list includes more than ten examples.

* * *

There is one inconvenient truth that dopamine addicts find too absurd and far-fetched to even consider:

– Dopamine addiction is a curable brain disorder that has turned into the pandemic to end all pandemics.


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