Dopamine Dialogues: Practical Applications for Neurocentrism

December 31, 2013

From:    Chris
Date:    Sun, Dec 29, 2013 7:13 am

Thank you for your reply. I hope you won’t mind if I ask more questions.

Do you really want a respected researcher to popularize neurocentrism or are you afraid that it might lose you the potential credit of being the author of such an idea?

What is your own view on the potential practical application of such research? Besides having the scientific validation to point at everyone and call them dopamine addicts?


From:    Charles
Date:    Mon, Dec 29, 2013 10:43 am
To:    Chris


I’m not concerned about anyone taking credit.

Regarding practical applications, neurocentrism is an honest behavioral model that will, one day, destroy the dishonest paradigm that allows Homo sapiens to continue behaving like chimpanzees while pretending we’re human beings. Once neurocentrism starts making sense to enough people, entrepreneurs will rush in with practical applications.

Since everything comes down to scoring dopamine squirts in our brains, the key to fostering change is to replace destructive dopamine-triggering addictions with healthier dopamine-triggering habits.

I’m working on an approach with a one billion dollar budget. It took the better part of a century for heliocentrism to go from too absurd to consider to too obvious to deny. Reducing neurocentrism’s acceptance from decades to years will require exposing primitive programming, convincing easily threatened safety-addicts, and besting the worst colluding, duplicitous, paranoid money/power/esteem addicts, who were raised to attack any and all threats to their fortunes, power, status, advantages, and dopamine flow.

Your last question is my favorite. “Besides having the scientific validation to point at everyone and call them dopamine addicts?”

I tried working with euphemisms but kept coming back to dopamine addicts. It’s about time addicts who use food, sex, safety, power, acceptance, approval, attention, esteem, status, gambling, money, and/or belief systems to trigger dopamine start admitting that they have a lot in common with, and are responsible for more damage than, junkies who use heroin to trigger the same neurotransmitter.

If you come up with something nicer and less offensive than dopamine addicts, send it my way.

How do you feel about dopamachines?



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