The Difference Between Free Will and Dopamine Will

by Charles Lyell on July 6, 2011

“One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision.”     – Bertrand Russell

When candy-loving children see their favorite confections the dopamine starts flowing. As the dopamine urges overwhelm the tots’ developing brain circuitry, dopamine will easily replaces any hints of free will. Children aren’t mature enough to care about tooth decay, obesity, or diabetes, and with dopamine hijacking their thinking, the kiddies are transformed into hyperactive zombiettes screaming, “CANDY GOOD! NO CANDY BAD!”

Candy-loving children often grow into heroin-loving and/or status-loving adults with dopamine cravings replacing all traces of free will with dopamine will. One difference is that most heroin zombies won’t deny a disease has reduced their choices down to, “HEROIN GOOD! NO HEROIN BAD!” whereas attention zombies are incapable of considering, comprehending, or admitting their decision-making process can be summed up in six words, “NOTICE ME GOOD! IGNORE ME BAD!” A second difference is, in their pursuit of the same brain chemical, some attention zombies wreak a lot more havoc than heroin zombies do.

Dopamine will is the reason so many people think candy, smack, and recognition are logical, desirable, and real. Under dopamine’s powerful spell, dopamine zombies believe their wanting what they want makes total sense, whereas wasting time learning about things as abstract, annoying, and B-O-R-I-N-G as dopamine addiction makes no sense whatsoever.

Dopamine will leaves sufferers with no choice but to dislike anyone who threatens to deprive them of their sugar, junk, or attention. To complicate matters, dopamine will makes it impossible for attention zombies to hear any status-negating (i.e. dopamine-reducing) information. To further complicate matters, dopamine will facilitates the self-deceptions and denials keeping dopamine addicts from wanting to know they’re lying and denying.

In other words, dopamine will ensures attention lovers are no more likely to say, “No” to ego-inflating self-deceptions than candy lovers are to say, “No” to sweets or heroin lovers are to say, “No” to junk. As a bonus, dopamine will turns dopamine addicts into unconscious liars and cheats.

It’s important to note that because esteem zombies are driven to strive for degrees, titles, and prestigious positions, most media, corporate, political, religious, and scientific institutions are dominated by insecure esteem addicts. This means the people who least want to know they don’t want to know they’re dopamine addicts are controlling the institutions that determine what does and doesn’t get investigated, researched, considered, evaluated, discovered, disseminated, accepted, rejected, or violently opposed.

What do you think?

Are dopamine zombies destroying our species?

Is it possible to wake dopamine zombies out of their drug-induced trances?

Is there any way to pierce a dopamine zombie‘s self-deceptions, denials, convenient stupidity, and delusional certainty?

Is it possible to use what is already know about dopamine addiction to stop the dopamine zombies or is it already too late?


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